Early Intervention Services

Early intervention is the treatment, evaluation and assessment of a child prior to five years old. Prior to five years of age children grow rapidly and develop many skills. Delays in development are an indication that your child may benefit from applied behavior analysis (ABA) / early intervention. Early treatment and diagnosis are vital in order to increase the chances of a more positive prognosis.

Delays in development are typically apparent in the following areas:

  • Communication abilities
  • Play skills
  • Imitation skills
  • Social skills

If your child isn’t speaking, resists eye contact, has odd or repetitive play that is isolated, lacks the ability to imitate actions of those around him/her or doesn’t engage in social situations with their peers, then you may need to take the next step. It is always advisable to seek the guidance of a medical professional prior to selecting any therapy program.

Skills We Teach

  • Learn how to creep, crawl, and walk
  • Overcome feeding issues
  • Improve his or her ability to speak and communicate
  • Become integrated in peer play and other social activities
  • Function more independently, including dressing and eating
  • Prepare for success at school
  • Develop impulse control and improved decision making