Military Families

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Free Your Child’s Unlimited Potential

Are you raising a child with autism spectrum disorder, and are actively serving our country?  At Behavioral Family Solutions we are a participating service provider for the TRICARE program for Military families dealing with Autism.  By participating in this unique program, you may be eligible to receive in depth services from our agency that can dramatically impact your child’s ever evolving developmental processes and association’s in our community.

All behavioral interventions involve Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatments.

This cutting-edge approach to treatment has been successfully employed across all TRICARE regions during the life of the Autism Services Demonstration.

That success has largely been measured by the most important metric, the satisfaction of participating families. These families have found that intensive ABA-based services:

  1. Educates them how to better communicate, teach, and support their children.
  2. Makes their children more prepared to succeed in school & in social situations.
  3. Alleviates significant amounts of stress off the shoulders of parent(s).
  4. Helps to improve both the cognitive and functional level of their children, including the ability to communicate effectively.

The military treatment program allows children to receive significant amounts of direct duologue interaction with a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) who engages constant encouragement and continuous positive reinforcement, as the principal means to replace undesirable behaviors with more suitable ones. Every RBT is supported by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who encourages developmental treatment plan(s) in conjunction with families, and makes routine home visits to ensure the success of the intervention.

The service is provided in the natural environment of your home. When the child is ready, the new behaviors are generalized in school and in the community.