Social Skills Groups

At Behavioral Family Solutions, we know how important it is to arrange as many opportunities as possible for your child to interact with other peers. We provide ABA therapy not only in the child’s home, but also in the community.  It is important to generalized learned Skills with peers and in other settings besides the home. These settings may include the playground or park where there are children which is a great way of  promoting interaction with others.

The more opportunities that are available means the more your child can practice those social skills. Social skills are important for inclusion in the classroom. Inclusion in a school environment with typically developing peers is often not dependent solely on a child’s IQ or intelligence. Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome are often capable of working at grade level, but are at risk of not being included in a classroom because of behavioral issues or poorly developed social skills.

The purpose of a social skills training is to teach and guide social interaction of the children participating in the group so as to teach them how to establish and maintain friendships.

At Behavioral Family Solutions we implement evidence based strategies such as:

  • Conversation Skills
  • Developing and Maintaining Friendships
  • Problem Solving
  • Perspective Taking
  • Learning to Initiate, Respond and Maintain Conversations
  • Greet Others
  • Take Turns and Share
  • Develop and Expand on Appropriate Play Skills