Our Services

At Behavioral Family Solutions, we customize our services based on our clients’ needs and circumstances. Our goal is to target behavioral difficulties through the use of data analysis and Implement behavior modification to ensure that the child Masters important skills to achieve their highest potential.

ABA, Applied Behavioral Analysis, is simply the application of behavioral principles, to everyday situations, that will, over time, increase or decrease targeted behaviors.

ABA Services

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The most common, and most preferred, method for identifying the function of behavior can be seen as a four part processes.

Assessment Process

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At Behavioral Family Solutions, we know how important it is to arrange as many opportunities as possible for your child to interact with other peers.

Social Skills Groups

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At Behavioral Family Solutions, we provide individual and family counseling by trained licensed clinicians to treat the following disorders.

Community Behavioral Health Services

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Parent training and participation is a vital part of the success of our programs, due to the fact that Children are with their therapist for only a small portion of each day.

Caregiver Resources

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Early intervention is the treatment, evaluation and assessment of a child prior to five years old.

Early Intervention Services

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